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Cheerleader - Danniella Levy - Scoreland

Danniella Levy brings cheer. She's more than welcome to wave her big pom-poms around and cheer on team SCORE. What a dirty mouth! Most cheerleaders don't talk like Danniella does. "Gimme an F! Gimme a U! Gimme a C! Gimme a K!" What does that spell? Danniella is a mover and a shaker. "I can shake my pom-poms with the best of them. My tush? I shake it a lot. I do a hundred squats in the morning. They're a good way to break in new shoes. I have a good, strong pair of thighs to ride a man."Danniella's keeping her pussy under wraps for now. "She's a pretty little flower, I can guarantee, so use your imagination. She's just pretty. You have to use your imagination. She's pink, she's pretty, she's tight, and I love it. She's shaven as well. We do vajazzling in Essex. Vajazzling is a pretty, tiny little piece of jewelry girls put on the top of their noonie."Every football team could use a cheerleader like Daniella to spur them on even if the TV stations wound up bleeping the audio.
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Fit titz - bridgette b - scoreland05:22
2 years ago
Ever go to a fitness center and find yourself watching a girl on the machines instead of fully concentrating on your exercises? Sure you have. We all have. How many of them looked like Bridgette B. and had Bridgette's fantastic body?Bridgette B. has her own special workout technique and SCORELAND's showing it. Bridgette's big boobs jiggle on the cardio machine. She uses an exercise ball to work those nice, round glutes. Then she pours the contents of a water bottle all over her halter top and stretchy pants. Cameltoe, anyone?Bridgette gets out of her wet things and gets back on the ball to give herself another kind of workout, this one very old-school and hands-on. No equipment needed."I train a lot at my gym," says Bridgette. "I am an addict about working out." But not exactly like this even though the gymophiles there would love to see her do that!Check out the Bonus video "6 Things You Might Not Have Known About Bridgette B."
Knocked-up and busting out - nathaly cherie - scoreland05:21
2 years ago
Pretty Czech porn star Nathaly Cherie is seven-months pregnant here. Her sweet body has been turning guys on since she got into modeling in 2013. Pregnancy has made her tits bigger and her areolae bigger and darker.Nathaly undresses and spreads her perfect pussy and butthole and licks her fingers so they can slide in. The next time we see Nathaly, a boner will be taking the place of her fingers.Nathaly likes to watch movies, walk her dog, sing and go to the gym. She buys her bras at Victoria's Secret."I like to look very busty so I wear tops that show a lot of cleavage," Nathaly said to our photographer. "I like to wear tank tops and tight sweater shirts. I like all the attention I get. Now that I am pregnant, my boobs are bigger than they have ever been."
A swimsuit for a sexy body - sandra star - scoreland05:30
2 years ago
Sandra Star said she likes to wear swimsuits that are "tight and show a lot of cleavage, cut high on the hips like a Baywatch swimsuit, or bikinis." Seeing is believing. In this Bonus video, Sandra's wearing one of her favorite suits made for her kind of special body. Sandra peels off her SCORE tank-top and shows off her sexy rack, slowly removing her suit while she gyrates and swivels. If Sandra wears this suit and others like it at resorts and beaches during her travels, who the hell could take his eyes off her? A lot of wives and girlfriends must smack their husbands and boyfriends whenever she saunters by."I love clothes that are tight on my body and draw attention to me," said Sandra, a girl who can pull off wearing this kind of swimsuit. Watch Sandra pull it off. All the way off.
Boob talk - ingrid swenson - scoreland05:26
2 years ago
What does America need more of? Do we need more doctors and engineers? More cab drivers, stock brokers and computer programmers? No. We don't need them. What we really need more of are hot, stacked babes who will drop their bras and show their stuff for the camera. That's all. Everybody else can stay the fuck where they are. And that brings us to Ingrid Swenson, a SCORE WILF. Ingrid moved to the States and knew she had a great deal to contribute to our lives, unlike these dime-a-dozen nuclear physicists elbowing aside the really worthwhile people, like busty sexbomb blondes. Ingrid settled in trendy South Beach, a good place for a hot chick to live and share her anatomy. The beaches, the bikinis, the sun. Miami has everything a horny mature woman could want. Ingrid has good, solid goals. Learning to pilot a plane. Becoming President. We would vote for her in a heartbeat.
Got milk? - princess pumpkins - scoreland05:21
2 years ago
Princess Pumpkins displays astonishing, incredible feats of boob gymnastics that must be seen. The beautiful blonde would be a gold medalist in this sport if a new version of the Boob Olympics was held, with or without pitchers of milk.Masturbation is a big part of webcamming, less so when a girl has big tits.Princess: A lot of the things guys ask for is obviously boobie stuff, but once in a while I'll get a lot of guys who want penetration, and the toys are in my pussy for a long time. I've had toys in my pussy for hours.SCORELAND: Do guys ever send you toys to play with?Princess: Yes. Big ones!SCORELAND: So even with masturbating on-cam for a long time, you're still horny.Princess: I'm a pretty horny girl.SCORELAND: Do you think it's true that girls with big boobs are hornier? Princess: That's probably where we keep our pheromones.
New discovery - amorina - scoreland05:20
3 years ago
New arrival Amorina lives in Romania, home to many SCORE and Voluptuous Girls in recent years. She's a friend of a longtime favorite here!SCORELAND: How did you find out about The SCORE Group and why did you decide to model?Amorina: My most lovely and busty friend Joana told me and encouraged me to pose. I have admired her for a long time and I wanted to try it myself!"SCORELAND: How do you stay in shape?Amorina: I do Pilates and go to the gym and I like to play basketball and swim. I like to ride my bike when the weather is not too cool and not too hot.SCORELAND: Tell us about your boobs.Amorina: I love my breasts and I like to dress to show them. My breasts stick out and even if I dress in loose tops they would still be noticed. But I definitely like to wear feminine clothes that show their shape.SCORELAND: What about bras?Amorina: I wore bras in my SCORE photo shoots. I don't really wear bras too much. When I'm home, I like a lot of time to be without anything on my boobs, not even clothes. I like to touch my tits and clothing can get in the way sometimes!"
Bullet bra babe - hitomi - scoreland05:21
3 years ago
As the editor of Leg Sex magazine wrote about how Hitomi looks here, "Those luscious and silky-smooth gams look perfect encased in stockings. And her stiletto Mary Jane shoes are a perfect mix of naughty and nice." That's why the pictorial was published in Summer 2014 Leg Sex magazine (Volume 18 Number 2). Leg men who never focused on Hitomi's thighs and calves before will be pointing skyward when they see what hot legs Hitomi has. While the pictorial is very leggy in the tradition of Bettie Page, with many photos of Hitomi perched on furniture and shot from low-angles to show how beautiful her pins are (she looks like she stepped out of a movie from 1958), the video of Hitomi in her vintage Sally Secretary '50's clothing and underwear complete with cut-out bullet bra focuses on her big natural boobs. There's lots of tit play as Hitomi jiggles, squeezes, wiggles and shakes those much-loved hooters and tweaks and flicks her suckable nipples jutting out of the holes in her bra tips.
Billi bardot: tight, tighter, tightest - billi bardot - scoreland05:21
2 years ago
Carolina sexbomb Billi Bardot's brought some of her favorite tight tops and dresses to slip into and show off her traffic-stopping, super-busty (41-26-38) silhouette. When the display of her eye-popping figure ends, naked Billi gives herself deep finger. "I am a small-town country and city girl," Billi said about her lifestyle. "I'm a big mess of contradictions. I still enjoy the small-town country stuff. I like dirt-bike riding, four-wheeling, hunting. I love the feel of a small town, but I love big cities. I guess I kind of converted to a city girl. I prefer dirt bikes, but I like four-wheeling. I usually require a shower when I'm done. Lots of mud. I get muddy on-purpose. It's fun." Billi is high-energy, highly-sexed and a woman with many interests who knows what she wants. "I enjoy reading and learning new things. I love to cook. I hike and go whitewater rafting. I enjoy amusement parks and horseback riding. I can sew, crochet and paint. I like remodeling homes. I absolutely love traveling!"
Star baby - erin star - scoreland05:21
1 year ago
Even though Erin Star is a year younger than her equally bodacious sister Helen, they're figuratively joined at the hip. They practically do everything together. They probably communicate telepathically as many close sisters do. Said their photographer, "One does something and the other does it, too. It's like they're on the same wavelength, as if they're thinking the same thing at the same time. They're not twins, but you'd never know it by the way they are together." With sisters, the first sister is usually the leader and the little sister is the follower. That's how Erin and Helen are in everything they do. "We wear just about the same size and our breasts are almost the same size, so we can wear the same clothes," Erin said. "We love to go clothes shopping together." Smiling Erin knows what tit-men love to see. Wearing a sheer body suit with an open crotch, Erin shakes her huge boobs and pats her pussy, with the camera just inches away. The view is spectacular.
The real deal - shara lopez - scoreland05:21
2 years ago
Shara Lopez dances for you in this scene, and that Latina heat is scorching. She's one of the all-time best dancers at SCORELAND. Slapping and shaking her firm, full ass, jiggling and bouncing her big natural boobs, Shara shows the super-powers she has on a dance floor, dressed and undressed. Shara makes guys crazy-horny with her grinding gyrations. When Shara's dance is finished for the time being, she pleasures herself, sucking her nipples and tugging her pliable tits. Dancing doll Shara picked her name because Shara was the name of a doll she had. Now Shara's all grown-up and a living doll. She gets a ton of attention everywhere she goes. When she goes skating and wears tight shorts and a tight top, every guy in the neighborhood stops what he's doing to enjoy the show.
Morning yoga with milly - milly marks - scoreland05:22
2 years ago
It's morning yoga and exercise time with stunner Milly Marks so let's get moving. Milly will guarantee that the increased blood flow as you watch her will go to the right place. Can you keep up with her? Milly trains against the Miami skyline, then goes indoors for additional privacy and comfort so she can play with her chakras. Whatta girl.As a healthy girl of 20, Milly is full of the horny juice. Since she lives in a house full of randy young strippers, there's always something hot going on."I like watching other people have sex," Milly said. "I've talked about it with Jose the photographer. I like watching my friends have sex in front of me. Sometimes I masturbate while I lay next to them."Sexual freedom. It's a great thing.
Dressing the pumpkins - princess pumpkins - scoreland05:22
2 years ago
Beautiful, young, blonde, 32T boobs, a golden muff. Princess Pumpkins brings back the flavor and flair of the Big '90s, the decade that SCORE began its big boob odyssey. SCORELAND: So in what ways is the experience of doing a cam show different compared to doing a video in front of one photographer?Princess: During a cam show, I am in total control. It's cool because if I feel like sitting around and finger painting naked one minute and getting pounded by a fucking machine the next, I can! I do love being professionally shot, though, because it takes all the stress off me and I can just lay around in the sexy clothes they give me and play with myself.SCORELAND: When you leave your place to do ordinary errands, how do you dress?Princess: When you see my SCORE shoots, you have a general idea of what I wear when I go food shopping. I'm a big fan of wearing as little as possible as often as possible.SCORELAND: If you can pick any word or sentence printed on a T-shirt, what would it be? Princess: It would be between: Yes, they're real! Real expensive!Yes, your girlfriend can feel my boobs.SCORELAND: Have your breasts every fallen out of your top in public? Where did that happen?Princess: Honestly, at just about every convention or club night I go to, my tits pop out at least once. My outfits aren't known for being very covering and with boobs as massive as mine it kinda just happens, and I'm okay with that.
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